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Current projects

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Wild Atlantic Way Project

Recording the Wild Atlantic Way Our project’s goal is to create a time lapse video catalogue of the Wild Atlantic Way.  This project combines creative and documentary photography to uncover the hidden treasures and discovery points along the route.  These videos we produce will be available for public and private use for the purpose of promoting the Wild […]

Nuela Moore Promotional

Nuela Moore is one of the world’s top extreme swimmers.  She specializes in cold/ice swims including the Bering Straits and Siberia.  She is one of the few swimmers who has circumnavigated Ireland by swimming. We are working with Ms. Moore on a promotional video for fund raising.

The Saving Tree

The Tree Project is a short film project based on MarieMaria Ni Mhurchú’s landmark poem.  This film combines the power of the spoken word with timelapse and standard video.